Bodnes at The Algonquin

A Celebration of Mary & Ben
On May 22, 2000, friends and family gathered at the Algonquin Oak Room (NYC) to pay tribute to my late grandparents, Mary and Ben B. Bodne—their illustrious lives and years as owners of the Algonquin Hotel (1946-1987). I emceed as friends performed, including Christine Andreas, Sir Richard Rodney Bennett, Mary Cleere Haran, David Lewis, Steve Ross, Steven Silverstein, and Julie Wilson.

I virtually grew up at the venerable Algonquin Hotel of NYC, as the equivalent to Eloise of the Plaza Hotel. My grandparents, Ben and Mary Bodne, owned the hotel from 1946-1987; and I spent much of my childhood there—with many a story to tell.

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