Delphi Or Bust

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Book & Lyrics by Michael Colby / Music by Gerald Jay Markoe
Production Requirements: 4 f, 4 m; unit set
Musical satire of Greek mythology, written in the style of Greek allegory, except that most of its characters are original inventions. Set in Ancient Greece, the show introduces Candora—a young prophetess whose truthfulness gets on everyone's nerves. She competes with the lovely & loony aspiring seers—Zircony and Nebula—to become the new Oracle at Delphi. Along the way, she is romanced by both a narcissist (Asphodel) and a dashing Cyclops (Cy), and almost murdered by Hernia, the Greek Goddess of Inner Disorder. Also in the mix are the God Apollo, the nefarious Waspra (half-human, half-wasp), and stalwart Pectorus (a valliant messenger traumatized as a child by his mother).

What the Critics Said...

"A DELICIOUS MUSICAL ROMP. Markoe and Colby have now turned their prodigious talents to Greek mythology. Colby's witty and pun-filled book and lyrics in the style of Ira Gershwin and Cole Porter. All members of the cast have show-stopping numbers." - Victor Gluck, Backstage

"VILLAGE VOICE THEATER CHOICE. This witty spoof of Greek myths, invoking the incisive anarchy of Aristophanes and of the Marx Brothers, as three comers challenge the oracle at Delphi for a shot at knowing it all." - Laurie Stone, Village Voice

"IDEAL ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. A charming musical celebrating Greek mythology and the very act of story-telling. Delightful fun." - Martin Denton,

AMAS Musical Theatre premiere:
Cast: Jody Ashworth, Darren Lee Frazier, Jill Geddes, Kimberly Harris, Colleen Hawks, Ken Prymus, Tia Riebling, John Simeone
Director/Choreographer: Christopher Scott
Musical Director: Steven Silverstein
Settings: Michael Schweikardt
Costumes: Michele Reisch
Lighting: Deborah Constantine
AMAS Artistic Director: Donna Trinkoff

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