Mrs. McThing

A Bewitching Musical
Based on the play by Mary Chase
Book & Lyrics: Michael Colby
Music: Jacques Urbont
Production requirements: 8 principles; chorus of 4-6
Set in the late 1930s, the musical revolves around Mrs. Howard V. Larue III—the richest widow in town—who wants her 11-year-old son Howay to be like Lord Fauntleroy. What Howay wants is to be the world's youngest gangster. Howay's encounter with Mimi, adopted daughter of the witch Mrs. McThing, leads to a series of spells. Stick-figure clones of Howay and Mrs. Larue take over at Larue Estates, while the real Howay and Mrs. Larue are transported to a den of comic gangsters—led by Poison Eddie Schellenbach—during hard times. Events that follow include: an unexpected romance, a Witches' Sabbath of goblins and ghoulies, an antic heist, and a hair-raising showdown with Mrs. McThing.

What the Critics Said...

"A BRIGHT, TOUCHING, RAFFISH MUSICAL. COMBINES THE BEST OF 'ANNIE' AND 'LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS.' Could become the new 'ANNIE' on Broadway. Tuneful music. Lyrics sometimes romantic, sometimes rippling with rhyming wit. Delightful." - Malcolm L. Johnson, The Hartford Courant

"A THOROUGHLY CHARMING AND MAGICAL MUSICAL. Lovely and inspired libretto. Absolutely right." - Kathy O'Connell, The Middletown Press

"A PERFECT TREAT. Lively, amusing, and tuneful musical. Zestfully presented. Outstanding performances. Lots of surprises." - Fran Sikorski, The Wilston Bulletin

"GOODSPEED OFFERS BEWITCHING MUSICAL. Fantasy & fun. It makes anything seem possible." - Betty Tyler, Bridgeport Post

"PERFECT ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY. Magical, tuneful fun show. Further along the road to success than 'ANNIE' was in its early stages at Goodspeed." - Henry E. Josten, The Old Saybrook Pictorial

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