North Atlantic

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Book & Lyrics by Michael Colby
Music & Lyrics by James Fradrich
Production requirements: 4 f, 3 m + Chorus of 4 to 6; unit set
North Atlantic is an affectionate multi-level spoof of Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals—set in Eskimo land. With South Pacific as its closest touchstone, this family musical features elements reminiscent of the entire Rodgers and Hammerstein catalogue. Set somewhere in the mysterious North Atlantic, it takes place sometime after World War II. It tells how Honey Snodgrass and Melanie Fong, members of the Iowa branch of the Teaching Corps, visit this exotic region, finding romance, bigotry, and the dream ballet to end all dream ballets.

What the Critics Said...

"Outstanding Production of the Year" - SHOW BUSINESS AWARD

"I had a very good time at NORTH ATLANTIC. In fact, it was not only the best of the three musicals I saw last week, it was the best of the year." - Henry Hewes, former President, N.Y. Drama Critics Circle

"Three and a half stars. A fine evening of playful entertainment, of special interest to musical buffs, who will smile with recognition at almost every line." - Gayle Austin, Show Business

"Hysterically funny musical. We are reminded of almost every smash hit show in the Rodgers and Hammerstein catalogue. A gem of a show and for once a musical with a small enough cast to appeal to every size of musical society." - Amateur Stage (UK)

“NORTH ATLANTIC, an Off Off Broadway spoof of Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals (and 1950s musicals in general), was years ahead of its time. It might have enjoyed a long run in later years when audiences were more accepting of 'ironic' musicals'.” - Dan Dietz, "Off Broadway Musicals, 1970-2007"

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