Meester Amerika songs

MEESTER AMERIKA [music: Artie Bressler / book: Jennifer Berman / lyrics: Michael Colby]
(Some songs have music by other composers)
1) “You Belong On-Stage” (Jeff Keller, Amy London, Steve Sterner)
2) “A Little Love in Big Manhattan” (Amy London)
3) “The Language of Luba” (Beth Johnson, Michael Aurit)
4) “Where You Go” (Amy London)
5) “I Wouldn’t Turn Away” (Steve Routman, Amy London)
6) “A Wedding in Brownsville” (Steve Sterner; based on “A Khasene in Brounsville”—original music & Yiddish lyrics by Leo Fuchs; partly based on English lyric by Bruce Adler)
7) “Raisins and Almonds” (Jeff Keller; based on “Rozhinkes mit Mandlen”—original music/lyrics: Abraham Goldfaden)