Mrs. McThing songs

MRS. McTHING [music: Jack Urbont / lyrics: Michael Colby]
1) “Mrs. McThing” (Ernestine Jackson)
2) “How Do You Make Magic?”-1 (Christopher Seppe, Polly Pen)
3) “The Shantyland Poolhall Lunchroom Crowd” (Stephen Berger, Larry French, Polly Pen, Christoper Seppe)
4) “Don’t No One Move” [cut song] (Stephen Berger)
5) “The Loveliest Child in the World” (Polly Pen, Stephen Berger, Jeanne Lehman, Larry French)
6) “Crazy” (Jeanne Lehman, Stephen Berger)
7) “Ya’ve Got What It Takes” (Stephen Berger, Christopher Seppe, Larry French, Polly Pen)
8) “Soon We’ll Be Home” (Jeanne Lehman, Christopher Seppe)
9) “How Do You Make Magic?”-2 (Scott Armstrong)


View “How Do You Make Magic?” (vocal: Scott Armstrong; music: Jack Urbont) on YouTube